The Latest Version Of Overwatch Is Here!

It’s been a long time coming, but the official release of the latest iteration of Blizzard’s hit shooter, Overwatch, has finally come. The game, which first hit shelves in 2012, sees players take on the role of a Soldier, a Medic, a Recruit, and a soldier As a player, you gain experience and special loot boxes (sometimes known as skins) that can be unlocked through playtime. Once you’ve unlocked a skin, you can customize it using various cosmetics called ‘chests’ which can be found in battle and are filled with different gear, Accessories, and triggers. If you’re wondering what the latest version of Overwatch is, it’s called ‘19.0.1’ and it’s the final public build of the game’s main update. The new version, which also brings new features and fixes some problems players have had with previous versions, is called ‘19.0.2’ and is live on the official website. Read on for all the latest details on this latest build of the game, its features, changes, and fixes.

What’s changed in Overwatch 19.0.2

First and foremost, the game has been reorganized into three distinctakhs — PVP, PVE, and PVE-lite. These are the primary games of the entire series, with the former being my all-time personal favorite and the PVE-light version being a close second. The PVE version sees you taking on random enemies as you progress through story and stage levels, while the PVP version sees you taking part in competitive matches against other players. Both have unique objectives and stages, with the former being more helpful for advanced players who may want to test their skills against the best.

What’s in the new version?

Like the old series, Overwatch is a First-person Shooter (FPS) game that sees you controlling kitteh, a serviceman on active duty with the United States Armed Forces. However, the new version sees the addition of a new playset called ‘19.0,’ which consists of Recruit and Weekly War Challenges. The former, which sees you mission- Specifics, sees you taking on a selection of enemy special attacks, while the latter sees you progressing through 18 objectives, each of which has its own special attack.

Armor Changes

The main addition in this latest version is the addition of ‘Advanced Armor’ — an extra set of gloves and a helmet with special properties. These can be Unlockable in the Shop and can provide the player with a significant boost in the field of battle against certain enemy types.

Newhero Concept

One of the changes that caught my eye in ‘19.0.2’ is the addition of a new hero to the mix — Genji, the charming and charming voice of Cloud Strife, the main protagonist of League of Legends. Cloud is a medresean, a single-classed hero who can use his healing and support abilities to support his allies in PVP, and in PVE, he can be used to take out enemy turrets and capture their souls. The new hero has very different uses in both of these games — permadeath, which can be a huge issue in PVP, and unit abandoning, which is very common in PVE. Genji has a massive advantage in permadeath, but he also has a powerful support game, which makes him a great pick-up-and-play (PVP) hero.

New Skins and Chest

Another change in ‘19.0.2’ is the addition of new skins and chest synergies. The former sees a new Steelgressor skin for Gazebo, the main structure in PVP, and a new Eon skin for the Town Hall at BTS, which can be used to add festive air to the map. The latter sees the addition of new skin lines for Bastion, PVP, and the Exclusion Wall at BTS which can add a dark, harshly angled texture to the otherwise beautiful map.
Fix for a known issue with vault skin not showing in Heroes vs. Villains
Like the rest of the new updates, ‘19.0.2’ sees players reporting issues with the new vault skin not displaying in the Heroes vs. Villains stage. It’s a fixable issue, though, and players should be able to continue playing the game as normal, with the added bonus of unlocking a new Vault skin for their account.

New Feature: Tactical Awareness and Respawning

One of the highlights of the ‘19.0.2’ update is the addition of ‘Tactical Awareness’ — a new feature that sees players being able to see who’s under attack, and how and when, at a glance. Tackles are displayed as lines of damage, and Peek-a-boo indicators let you know when you can intervene with a heal, Buff, or healing cast. This can be especially helpful in PVP where the advantage of being able to see who’s incoming and who’s trying to leave the map is particularly important. In PVE, it can be used to great effect when you’re trying to protect your own members, and in PVP-LE, it can be a great tool for spotting trouble and intervening before it comes online.


Overwatch is a fun, accessible, and completely freaky FPS that’s packed with plenty of fun and unique features. The latest version is incredibly exciting, and I can’t wait to see what else the team has in store for us in the future. If you haven’t played the game yet, you’re missing out on a lot, and you should definitely give it a go. Be ready to engage in some delightful character customization and engage in some incredible PVP. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest updates coming out of Blizzard as they’re released.

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