The Best Sports Games to Play In 2022

Competitive games—the real-world type, not the esports type—have been with humankind nearly since the beginning. They’ve served as entertainment, a much-need distraction from the daily grind, and a spark for social change. As technology advanced, sports have expanded from playgrounds and stadiums to television and video games. The PC may not be the first place to go when you’re in the mood to play a sports game. After all, the platform lacks the popular MLB The Show titles and NHL games of any sort. The platform does have the FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA 2K games, but we haven’t included their latest versions here because they’re either buggy or ho-hum affairs. Still, there are plenty of quality sports-based PC games, particularly if you don’t care about realism or league licenses. These are our favorites.

What makes a good sports game?

We’ll be completely honest with you: We don’t play sports games as a rule. While we don’t mind a challenge, we prefer games that are easy enough that anyone can pick up the controls, require little skill, and offer a ton of content. Here are just a few of the best sports games available in 2022. 1. NBA 2K19 This is the latest entry in the ever-expanding NBA 2K franchise. Best of all, it comes with the official NBA 2K 19 app, which makes all the major updates and updates the most important thing you can do. In this game, you play as Dwyane Wade, and you’ll find yourself tapping into all the Sixers and Dwyane Wade news of the day. This is a fun, easy-to-navigate sports game with lots of fun characters and fun modes. NBA 2K19 also includes plenty of NBA 3D™ content, making it the perfect game for both CoD and Halo fans.

How to play a sports game in 2022

To get started, head to your local video store and pick up a copy of NBA 2K19. Then, download any games you want to play on the App Store, including sports games like rose, golf, and soccer. When you’ve finished each one, transfer them to your computer, where they can be played on any device. Next, head to your inventory and click on your favorite team. From there, select “Trade” to exchange any of your currently equipped items for that team’s gear. You can also click on a player and select “Trade” to exchange any of your currently equipped items for the player’s gear.

Baseball Stars 2

If you’re looking for a fun, new sport to try, try out Baseball Stars 2. This is the most recent release in the popular BASEball series, which has long been a mainstay in the sports-tech market. The game follows the exploits of catcher Jorge Soler and his team, the Souths, as they attempt to win the Major League Baseball pennant. The game is fun, but not too challenging. Soler is a solid player, and he’s easy to get behind in the clubhouse. What makes Baseball Stars 2 so great is its integrated social media site. Anyone can tweet photos, videos, and updates from the game, which gives the game a genuine sense of community.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

If you like sports games with lots of fun and different characters, Fire Pro Wrestling World is for you. With over 200 characters from almost every professional wrestling promotion in Japan (including Dragon Gate, New Japan, and the New States), this game comes with a large variety of poses, moves, and themes. This is definitely not your normal sports title. If you’re looking for something different and different-looking, this is the game for you. Your goal is to become the “Wrestlers,” the top Superstars in the world. Each of the main rivals in the game, including Akira Tozawa of New Japan, Hiroshi Taniguchi of Dragon Gate, and Satoshi Kojima of New Japan, has their own pose, move, and theme. You’ll also meet some great characters, like Ryo Tazawa, the dark-looking masked Superstar whoms for New Japan, and Tokyo Budokan.

Football Manager 2022

The Football Manager series is one of the most successful sports management games in history. With more than 100 different teams around the world and the ability to play as any of them, Football Manager 2022 is a great way to introduce the sport to a group of people you may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. The game features Premier League, NBA, Bundesliga, and other top-quality games. This is a great way to introduce your friends to professional sports and give them a taste of real-life sports. The game also comes with videos, photos, and other media, making it easy to share matches and videos online.

Knockout City

If you’re looking for a fun, quick game to play with your friends, Knockout City is the perfect game for you. You play as an ordinary person living in the United States who gets pulled into a world of competitive match-fixing and legal entanglements. The premise is simple: You are an average American who lives in the city of New York. You are charged with bringing down a world-renowned Professional Wrestler, who lives in New York City. This is a fun and silly sports game, with plenty of fun-based characters, and a great World Cup storyline. You’ll also meet some of the sport’s biggest names, like Seth Rollins, Owens, and Samoa Joe.

Mutant Football League

The Mutant Football League is a retro-futuristic sports video game developed by Koei Tecmo, the same studio responsible for Tonka Park and the Dimensions of Power. The goal is to collect as many NFL franchises as possible to create your own team. This is a formulaic sports game, with relatively few bells and whistles. You’ll play as an average American kid, trying to bring down a Superstar in the NFL. There’s even a “Wrestlers” mode where you can watch matches from the stands, stations, and Twitch channels.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the best-selling games of all time. The game was developed by Textar, a company that has produced many classic games, including Mortal Kombat, NBA2K, and more. The game features fun, high-level single-player modes, and it is fun for all skill levels. This is a simple fun game, with a wide range of characters, quality content, and a light-hearted campaign. There isn’t much in the way of story or incentives for players to pick this game up, but it’s a great way to start the new year.

The future of esports

With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to forget that there’s a big difference between professional sports and competitive gaming. And that’s exactly what this article is about: the future of esports. In 2022, competitive gaming will likely be replaced by the growing popularity of games like NCAA Football, MLB The Show, and NBA 2K. Additionally, the popularity of competitive sports will grow as more people start to consider themselves sports fans. This will give these games a much-needed boost in the ratings, which will allow them to be released on a large scale. These games will continue to grow in popularity, and eventually, one day there may be a wide-ranging esports competition. This may lead to teams competing for the title of “World Sport” — a term that has been applied to only a few countries, but that many people care about.


As we enter the new year, let’s make sure we’re well-versed in the latest esports trends and games to try. You can also look forward to some fresh challenges and new games as we look to make the most of this new year.

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