Why should Brands leverage Live Shopping?

The truth is shoppers today crave information, inspiration, and entertainment before they buy. Brands need to prepare for this future of shopping. Hence it is important for brands to take advantage of Live Shopping and utilize it fully to connect with their prospects to engage, entertain and retain them.

Live Content is More Attractive

The idea of live videos is rapidly progressing, and a number of brands are adopting it to create a strong bond with their customers. Live content is more visually captivating and viewers can remember it longer than other content types.

Generates a Sense of Excitement

Live stream shopping offers a sense of excitement to shoppers compared to other content, allowing brands to grow their online presence. To improve customer engagement and retention, it’s not enough to simply produce content but you need to create a strategy that activates shoppers emotionally. Live shopping is the way to activate customers’ emotions through empathy and by generating a sense of excitement among them.

Facilities Engagement and Interaction

Live streaming shopping offers brands a direct channel to engage with their customers thus enabling genuine connections. The most significant perk of live shopping over any other form of content is the high level of interaction between brands and customers.

Hence we say live online shopping is an interactive and engaging medium that enables brands to connect with their buyers on a personal level.

Makes you Stand out from the crowd

Live commerce brings with it a host of benefits for brands. With its growing adoption, more brands are expected to use it to encourage active engagement and offer real-time experiences. Live shopping allows you to have a distinct strategy, to promote your brand and stay ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, incorporating new strategies for your live shopping show like hosting flash sales, deals and discounts, giveaways, live contests, quiz and collaborating with etc will definitely make you different from other online stores.

For instance, a travel brand collaborating with a travel influencer to promote their newly launched GoPro.

Builds Authenticity

Authenticity is one of the most important qualities that shoppers look for when putting their trust in brands and Live Stream Shopping can add an element of authenticity many brands have a hard time establishing.

Live shopping is an opportunity for brands to give their consumers an unedited look into the inner workings and connect with them emotionally and show empathy.

Facilitates Shoppertainment

Shoppertainment is fairly a new concept that can be defined as an exclusive combo of live streaming and entertainment. It prioritizes the enjoyment of customers and aims to make a lasting impression on them, and give them more reasons to shop from you. Hence by leveraging the right live shopping solution you can facilitate entertainment and offer a differentiated experience to your buyers.

The interactive nature of live shopping helps develop a stronger sense of brand credibility, generating higher engagement and revenues.

What’s more, it is easier to embrace storytelling, build brand awareness, and reflect transparency. This makes it clear why brands should start to leverage Live Streaming Shopping.

Be it travel, fashion, food, cosmetics, etc, all the major businesses are adopting this technology to connect with their customers.

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