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Steps To Fix Printer Connection And Printing Problems

Steps To Fix Printer Connection And Printing Problems

You have sent several files to the printer, but it does not print any documents. You check the printer.

In most cases, the printer appears offline if the computer cannot connect to the device. This can be due to loose cable connections, outdated printer drivers, or critical system service issues. Follow the recommended solutions below to bring your printer online. Let’s know how to solve the printer is showing offline.

Check the printer cable or network connection.

Some printers go to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity. In sleep mode, the printer is displayed offline on your computer. Press the printer’s power button (or any button) to “wake up”. Wait a few seconds and check if your computer’s printer status changes to “Online”.

Also, make sure that the cable connecting the printer to your computer or router is properly connected to the appropriate port. Similarly, connect the printer directly to a computer port without going through a USB hub. If the printer still appears offline, switch the printer to another port on your computer or router.

Get a tip from the printer status light.

If there is a problem with the hardware, Windows will mark the printer as “disconnected”. An easy way to determine if there is a problem with the printer is to look at the status indicators. Printer Printing Problems For example, if your wireless printer’s Wi-Fi indicator flashes red, you may have trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

The status indicator may also indicate other problems, such as firmware update errors or paper jams in the tray. See the printer’s operating instructions or the manufacturer’s website for more information on the status indicators.

Disable offline printer mode on Windows

Also, make sure that the printer is not in “Use printer offline” mode.

Go to Settings> Devices> Printers & Scanners and select the affected printer in the Printers and Scanners window.

Select Open Queue.

Select your printer and make sure the Use printer offline option is not selected. Printer Printing Problems If there is a checkmark next to the option, select Use the printer offline to reconnect the printer to the Internet.

Restart the printer

Either turn off the printer or unplug it, wait a minute, and plug it in again.

Restart your computer

Unplug or unplug the printer, turn off the computer, turn it back on, and plug the printer back in.

Update the printer firmware

The printer may malfunction if there is a problem with the firmware. You can download a firmware update directly from the printer, from the manufacturer’s website, or through the printer software.

Run the printer troubleshooter

If you still haven’t found a solution to get your printer online, let the printer troubleshooter help you.

  • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot and select More troubleshooting tools.

They examine the network printer configuration and perform other troubleshooting checks. reset canon printer If a problem is diagnosed with the affected printer, it will recommend appropriate solutions.

Solve problems with the printer software

Many printer brands have dedicated software that solves problems related to printing on a computer.

Contact the printer manufacturer to confirm if there is an app for your printer model.

Restart the Windows Print Spooler

The printer may appear as “Offline”.Go to Windows Services Manager and make sure everything is in order.

Change the Windows feature detection services.

If your printer uses Web Services for Devices technology, make sure that the Windows Discovery Services function is running correctly on your Windows computer.

Press Windows key + R, type services. MSC in the dialogue box and press OK.

  • Finds the host of the function discovery provider and the publication of the function discovery resources.
  • Double-click on Function Discovery Provider, Start the service, change its “Startup Type” to Automatic, click Apply, then select OK.
  • Repeat the same steps for the Function Tracking Resource Publishing.
  • If the printer remains offline, unplug or unplug the printer, restart your PC, and check again.

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